Hi. I'm Alva

I’m an industrial design engineer passionate about creating solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. I’m curiosity driven focusing on technology, creativity, and product development focusing on UX design and research, and service design. I also enjoy mentoring and teaching.

I’ve worked in different fields and locations; from the oil rigs in South Korea to the fishermen in the North Sea, to patient systems in the Swedish health care system. My CV is on Linkedin, for a description of my education and work background.

My primary goal is to make systems that area easy and enjoyable to use, that allows people to do their work better than they imagined they could.

I’m available for work and consulting in Linköping, Sweden

Design work

I’ve worked with everything from small startups to multinational companies, from apps to websites and large systems. I offer services in the full design span, from helping companies formulate a product vision and finding the initial user needs, through iteration and prototypes to launching a product and evaluating the outcome.

For more details and presentation of my previous work, please get in touch. 

UX design and research for new system development

Alva really understood the requirements for the new product. It’s exactly what I wanted, the functions are spot on and it looks great.

Jonas Pålsson
Swedish Agency for Water and Marine Management

UI UX library

A library of UI and UX patterns and components. This project is live over at uiuxlibrary.com

Roles: project manager, product developer, researcher, WP admin

Goal: Create the go-to library of components.

Risenga Simhall

App for swimming hall visitors

Roles: project manager, product developer, researcher

Goal: The one stop app for swimming hall visitors collecting all needed information in one place.

Carissima liberi Baby app

iOs app for tracking baby care and development

Roles: project manager, product developer, researcher

Goal: Improve usability of advanced tracker, especially for one handed usage.

Mentoring and teaching

I’ve been a mentor the last couple of years for people starting out in the field. The mentees range from students at my old alma mater Chalmers, to new employees at inUse. I do career advice and portfolio reviews. I’ve also taught Adobe InDesign classes.

If you’d like me to take a look at your work, or talk about the UX world, or teach your class, get in touch and we’ll create some magic together.

Mentor for a new, recently graduated, employee

It was a treat and a luxury to have Alva as a mentor. She supported me, cheered me on, and gave me challenges to sink my teeth into. She acted as a sounding board when there were things I wanted to discuss, and when things felt a bit rough.

Josefina Liedberg
inUse Experience