Steal this idea

There are so many times when I get an idea that I just really wish someone could make for me. It’s those ideas that haven’t fully matured into a concept or been developed into portfolio material. Maybe I don’t have the time, or the energy, or the skillset to pull this from fiction into real products. Or it’s one of those small draw-on-napkins ideas that I just want to collect somewhere and not find in the pocket of my jacket three years later. I believe in sharing ideas and knowledge, and that there is no end to creativity. You just need to get the ideas out of your head, down onto paper, and then the next idea will come and develop. This is my place to get ideas from my head into the world, to see what comes after. 

Please, go ahead and take these ideas and make them your own. I would love it if you got back to me if you found these interesting, or if you would like to cooperate and develop something together. 

Do you have an idea that you want stolen and developed? Do you want it on here? Contact me and I’ll place it here, of course I’ll credit you fully! Or do you just want it developed, contact me, and we’ll work it out together. Maybe we could throw the idea around and make a separate design proposal each and compare the results. That sure would be fun. 


I find it easier to be creative when there are some rules in place:

  • One picture, hand drawn to showcase the idea, photographed with cell phone. No faffing around with Photoshop or making it too pretty or adjusting levels. Just like that.
  • 95-105 words of description to catch the core concept to keep it shorter than an essay and allow others to think freely, while still containing enough information to be concrete
  • 10 minutes max from ideation to publication so you don’t get bogged down with finding perfection. If you want perfection, make an actual project instead.
  • Have fun! The ideas don’t have to be realistic, have a business perspective or be able to exist in this dimension. Go crazy!


You can use any format and paper you want to, but if you want the same size and layout as here, head over to Assets and download the Steal This Idea sheet. 


Fornminnen/Ancient Monuments

It would be great if there was a plugin in Google maps so one could force the route to go by an ancient monument (fornminne). Each monument could have an online tag so you could post photos of the place which are then displayed in street view of that monument. In the future this could be linked to Riksantikvarieämbetet so it would be easier to read up more on the historic sites. I think this would make for great Sunday expeditions. One could even mark of where one had been and force Google to choose an unvisited route.


See that Castle

It would be great if there was an app which would let you hold your app up in front of an old ruin, and let you see what the building looked like originally, using the phone camera and AR (augmented reality). The app would let you choose to see the original building in as an overlay over the ruin but keep the current landscape, or change both landscape and ruin depending on your choice. It would be easier for people to connect to the past and see the importance of keeping the ruins instead of developing the fields.


I love that plant, but what is it?

I think it would be super useful to have an app where you could just take a picture of the plant or the plant label you find at the nursery, and it would tell you what it was. The app would be able to save plants to your own library, and you could compare it to other plants you had marked as ”in my garden”, thereby allowing the app to suggest whether this plant will thrive in your garden or not. It could also tell you what other plants and conditions it grows well with, regardless of what you already have in your garden.


Cat keyboard

I would love to see a keyboard with the addition of the ”cat” key. When you press that, it means that the camera should be activated so you can scroll with eye movements, thereby allowing you to keep reading that article, while not disturbing the cat. The key should also deactivate the rest of the keyboard+mousepad where relevant. Cats commonly jump into their owners lap thereby occupying both hands/arms from further using the keyboard. They also commonly clamber over your arms up onto the keyboard entering random combinations, not seldom deleting the text you just wrote.


One To-Do-list to rule them all

A  simple sheet of e-ink paper for to-do-lists. One would be able to write on the paper with a special pen to add new notes or check off resolved items. When a page was ”full” you would go the next page and be able to scroll back and forth. When items are resolved they can either be removed to storage (but the program remember where it was originally so it could be added back) or kept visible on the list. Whole paragraphs with sub-bullets could be compacted showing just the header. The e-ink would ensure that the list could always be seen without draining power.


Take me anywhere

A software which allows you to plugin where you are, and how long time you have to travel, and what modes of transportation is available to you. You can then see how far you can get, without a specified destination using walking, cycling, taking the car or the bus. It would allow you to combine different types of transportation in one travel, and be updated to current traffic situation, and the current time table for the time of day you want to travel. Sometimes you don’t have a destination in mind, you just want to go somewhere.


Holographic warning triangle

Warning triangles are used to warn other cars against dangers, often a broken down car. These warning triangles should be placed at least 100m behind the danger to allow other drivers to react to the danger by slowing down and changing lanes. People often place these triangles less than 100m away. Holographic triangles would allow correct placement of sign, and would also lead to placement of the warning triangle when the driver and passengers themselves are unable to get out of the car. The holographic placement could be linked to road assistance or emergency services to allow faster assistance.