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During the IDE project at Industrial Design Engineering, we were tasked with exploring possibilities of using needs of exposed groups and use those needs to develop a product which enriches the lives of all people. The project was soon directed towards increased safety in traffic for pedestrians and bicylists by using the senses.

Most products are directed towards the automobile drivers, not the pedestrians and bicyclists, and still these latter groups are much more exposed to danger. More and more people use their smart phone while they are biking or walking to text, listen to music and update their social media profiles. This is especially dangerous in heavily travelled areas. We developed a triangulation and warning system which uses the built in wifi of cars and cell phones to locate pedestrians, bikers and automobile drivers in relation to each other, and send out a warning if there is an impending danger. The warning is given as an overlay on the screen which shows the direction of the danger, and as an audio warning. The warning overlay is removed once the user has tapped their cell phone screen. The users can change the settings of the app to better suit their needs. 

The team consisted of me, Louise Johansson and Johan Magnusson. The project was carried out in cooperation with Shift Design & Strategy, and was presented at Teknikföretagens Mässa.