After my studies in Gothenburgh, Sweden, at the renowned Chalmers University of Technology I moved to Oslo to work with human factors and work environment in the oil and gas industry. I’m curiosity driven focusing on technology, creativity, textiles and product development including interaction and service design. There is something about large technology driven projects that just fascinate me. Being on board and inspecting the oil rigs in Korea that I have followed in projects the last couple of years is one of the most powerful things I have experienced in my professional life, to see a project go from idea to digital to actual physical product. I have studied interaction design, product design and service design as well as a multitude of different methodologies. It’s interesting to see what actually works in real world projects where actual users are involved, and to see just how different the priorities are for different stakeholders. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on changing methodology used for human factors in control rooms on the norwegian shelf, the CRIOP method, and to give input on standards used on the Norwegian shelf, the new revision of the NORSOK S-002.

After three years in Norway and the oil industry, I’m now heading back to Gothenburg. I love taking ideas one step further – let me hear yours!

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